There’s powder porn, and then there’s carving porn. Ask ski fanatics which they find sexier, and they’re likely to say the former. But anyone who’s seen an episode of Salomon TV’s web series, The Art of the Turn, has to admit that there’s something incredibly satisfying about watching technical pros carve deep trenches in perfectly groomed corduroy.

Replay: The Art of the Turn 2

Featuring exquisite cinematic detail, The Art of the Turn portrays the simple joy of carving through the eyes of Salomon athletes who have spent their lives trying to perfect the art of turning on skis. In Episode 3, GS ski racing legend Davide Simoncelli, professional skicross racer Marielle Berger-Sabbatel, and 2019 Skicross World Champion Bastien Midol come together at Kimberley, BC to show off their technical skills and, above all, convey the euphoric feeling of the perfect turn. Sit back and enjoy.

 Watch Salomon TV: The Art of the Turn 3

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