Salomon TV: 'Charge 2'

Lots of GoPros, giggles, and goalpost jumps make up the first episode of the latest run of skiing-oriented Salomon TV.

While we seem to run out of fingers trying to count the number of seasons Salomon TV has been making short, fun skiing movies, we definitely haven’t run out of stoke after watching them. The latest season opener, “Charge 2,” is no different. While it’s a bit of a throwback to the years of “The GoPro Edits,” this year’s action-packed season opener still seems fresh thanks to the unique angles (both of the GoPros and drones), the high-flying trickery, and, perhaps most importantly, the overall high energy carried throughout. 

To provide a sense of setting, “Charge 2” stars Salomon athletes Stan Rey, Leah Evans, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, and Drew Petersen taking on the powdery glades of British Columbia while skiing with Mustang Powdercats. While some jumps are huge, the majority of the backflips are actually smaller than expected, making them even more technically difficult. Tack on the extra inverted maneuvers of Alexi Godbout, plus the tight trees that create goalpost-style airs, and this video ups the level of difficulty compared to the original high-speed tree runs and massive airs in the original “Charge.”

WATCH: Salomon TV – ‘Charge 2’

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