Salomon TV: The Curve of Time

Freeskiers Chris Rubens and Greg Hill embark upon the uphill battles of big mountain skiing and self-exploration in the face of a changing climate.
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As a sport that relies so heavily on nature and its processes, skiers tend to forget that their choices (on and off the mountain) impact the very environment they cherish so dearly. Salomon TV’s latest episode, The Curve of Time, follows British Columbia-based freeskiers Chris Rubens and Greg Hill as they set out on a journey to reduce their carbon footprints in an age where time is everything.

As an accomplished big mountain skier, Rubens reflects alarmingly upon the progressive career he’s led–at a cost. The very mountains and snow he lives for are receding in his tracks, as every drive, airplane trip and heli bump up the hill sputter more greenhouse gases into the warming atmosphere.

Hill records his own message alongside Rubens, citing the urgency of his own need for action. The skiers embark upon a 4,000-kilometer ski journey among some of the largest volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest – leaving their gas-fueled cars behind in favor of a rented electric car and bikes. By choosing to stay local in their travels, favoring emission-free transportation, and even cutting meat mostly out of their diets, Rubens and Hill managed to cut their carbon footprints in half.

Salomon will follow The Curve of Time in late 2018 with its new Play-Minded Sustainability Program, which outlines its short and long-term goals in sustainability. Through programs designed to reduce their own carbon emissions, train their employees, educate their consumers and create environmentally friendly products, Salomon hopes to drastically reduce its own carbon footprint by 2025.

The Curve of Time won Best Environmental Film at both the Kendal Mountain Film Festival and the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

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