Salomon TV: Dream Trip Georgia

For the final installment of the Dream Trip series, American Michael 'Z-Bo' Zaretzke went to the Caucasus Mountains with Stan Rey and Josh Daiek.
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For the past few season, Salomon Freeski has taken regular skiers on their dream trips to places like Hokkaido and Kashmir. For the final Dream Trip, Michael 'Z-Bo' Zaretzke, of Washington State, chose to go to the country of Georgia. Situated near the Black Sea, the mountains of Georgia are subject to some seriously deep maritime snowpack, which Z-Bo, Stan Rey, Josh Daiek, and Mike Douglas.

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The trip didn't go smoothly, however, as it included denied airplane boardings, a trip to the hospital, and backflips over cows. But the deep powder and solid crew made for a perfect final farewell to this series. Watch this episode and more on


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