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Greg Hill

The legend himself, Greg Hill.

When it comes to energy, Greg Hill is the energizer bunny—he has a lot of it, but he also conserves as much as possible. Known as 2 Mil Hill, Greg Hill is best known for climbing and skiing over two million vertical feet in 2010 which jump started his career as a professional skier. The Revelstoke based endurance athlete has racked up hundreds of first descents around the world, broken world records, and continued to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks while making a name for himself in the skiing community for his ambitious human powered adventures.

Greg Hill descending Mt. Athabasca

Greg Hill descending Mt. Athabasca in "Electric Greg"

After traveling all over the world for his mountaineering conquests and seeing the effects of climate change first-hand, he set off on a new adventure. The new Salomon TV episode, “Electric Greg” follows Hill’s latest goal to climb, ski, or run 100 different summits without the use of fossil fuels. For most backcountry athletes, forgoing the use of snowmobiles or helicopter assists to the trailhead might seem like a daunting task, but Hill hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps to be more environmentally conscious. 

In this episode, Hill is joined by professional skier Chris Rubens as they set out in an electric car to prove adventuring can be done sustainably. They are tested not only by the difficult terrain they are covering, but by the challenges of transitioning to a low-impact lifestyle.

Greg Hill charges his electric car on Rogers Pass.

A quick charge for Hill's electric car before he charges up Rogers Pass

“If during this challenge I don’t show that it's worth changing, then I failed because the whole goal is to show that it makes you feel better, that is so worthwhile that everyone's going to want to do it,” says Hill, “ If I don’t prove that, I’m not proving anything.”

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