Salomon TV's 2017 Fall/Winter Season is Ready to Rumble

One of the finest ski webisode series in the industry returns for what will be another great episode run.

Many years ago, Salomon launched Salomon Freeski TV, which quickly became must-see internet video for skiers across the globe, and a great way to pass the time as we wait for more snowflakes to fly. As skiers tend to have other outdoor-oriented interests, Salomon Freeski TV recently joined with Salomon Running TV to become one, under the simple title of Salomon TV. 

While the Spring/Summer season of Salomon TV remains primarily running oriented (but still features some awesome skiers), the Fall/Winter season is all about the fluffy white stuff we love to slide on. For Fall/Winter 2017, Salomon TV will take us to Nepal, France, British Columbia, Japan, India, Norway, Austria, and the good ol' USA. Check back to for every new episode as the season goes on. 


Mike Douglas backflip fountain of youth

Salomon TV: "Fountain of Youth"

When your official pro skier nickname is "The Godfather," what do you do to stay forever young? Mike Douglas tries to find that magic elixir in Japan for the first episode of this season's Salomon TV.

Chris Rubens in British Columbia with Salomon

Salomon TV: SHIFT

The brand tests their new binding by going on a winter camping trip with some of the hardest chargers in skiing.

Salomon TV Dream Trip Georgia

Salomon TV: Dream Trip Georgia

For the final installment of the Dream Trip series, American Michael 'Z-Bo' Zaretzke went to the Caucasus Mountains with Stan Rey and Josh Daiek.