Big Mountain Skiers

Salomon TV: Higher Truths

Cody Townsend and Chris Rubens take on skiing and suffering in the Himalaya.

The Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet aren’t exactly the world’s next great “skiing destination.” Located near the equator and with peaks ranging from 16,404-29,029 feet in elevation (5,000-8,848 meters), the snow quality is fickle for those who brave the physical exertion of climbing at this height merely to earn their turns.

Which is why the latest episode of Salomon TV is so intriguing. What happens when you take two of the best freeride skiers on the planet and task them with climbing and skiing a peak above 22,000 feet?  A whole lot of suffering, apparently. In Higher Truths, Salomon athletes Chris Rubens and Cody Townsend find out the hard way why  Tibet is not about to be on every skier’s bucket list, but they do get a few turns in to make up for all the suffering.

You can watch seven VR180° “Behind The Scenes” pieces produced in partnership with Google on the Salomon TV landing page.

Salomon TV Higher Truth Credits

Featuring : Cody Townsend and Chris Rubens
Directed by : Anthony Bonello
Produced by : Mike Douglas & Anthony Bonello
Executive Producers : Ben Aidan & Bruno Bertrand
Cinematography : Jay Trusler & Anthony Bonello
Original Score : Dustin Lau