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Salomon TV: Kilian Jornet Skis the Troll Wall

How this steep skier pulled off the world’s first ski descent of the iconic Fiva Route.
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Kilian Jornet isn’t your average skier. In fact, average is the absolute last word we’d use to describe him. This Salomon athlete, endurance runner, and ski mountaineer best known for setting freakish FKT (fastest known time) records while scaling the world’s highest mountains is on a quest to become one of the best steep skiers in the world. His recent first descent of the Troll Wall in the Norwegian Alps brought him one step closer to fulfilling that goal.

The Troll Wall, the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, features the puckering Fiva Route—1,600 vertical meters that has never been skied before. Jornet spent two whole years planning and training to ski this crazy 60-degree line. Finally, the stars and conditions aligned and Jornet, on the Wall for what was supposed to only be a recon mission, decided to go for it.

Salomon TV’s latest webisode shows Jornet’s mind-blowing first descent via his helmet cam so you can see just how scary the Troll Wall is. If your hands aren’t sweating after watching this, there’s something very wrong with you.

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