It's no secret that skiers these days really like to watch skiers turn. Whether it's Marcus Caston's "Return of the Turn" or Ted Ligety's "Art of Arc," fans of skiing videos are really keen on watching people go left and right on screens of all sizes. 

Perhaps the most popular iteration of laying trenches in groomers is Salomon TV's "The Art of the Turn." The episode was one of our most clicked-on articles in the last three years, and "The Art of the Turn 2" was almost as popular. What did Salomon TV do this season to step up their carving game? They took on the manicured slopes of Kimberly, B.C. with Davide Simoncelli, Marielle Berger-Sabbatel, and Bastien Midol under the cloak of nightfall to add a little bit of contrast to the already stunning visuals.

On top of that, all of the skiers in this video are on the new Salomon S/Force Bold, a top-ranking frontside ski of the year.

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Salomon TV: The Night of the Turn

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Salomon TV: SHIFT

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Salomon TV: CHARGE

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salomon TV the art of the turn

Salomon TV: "The Art of the Turn"

Three European racing legends take to the slopes of Val d'Isère, France to carve perfect arcs in HD.

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Salomon TV: The Art of the Turn 2

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Salomon TV: The Art of the Turn 3

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Salomon TV: "Mica, One More Round"

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Salomon TV Becoming History

Salomon TV: "Becoming History"

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