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Anyone who as ever traveled around the French, Swiss, or Austrian Alps in the winter has likely met a number of Scandinavians during their journey. Skiers from Sweden and Norway, in particular, spend most of the winter in the jagged peaks of Europe, where the mountains are bigger and the light is longer than in their homeland.

The latest episode of Salomon TV follows a group of Scandinavian skiers around the Alps as they meet and greet a number of other prominent Swedes and Norwegians, including photographer Oskar Enander and pro skier Johan Jonsson. In the process, the team snags big lines and bigger cliff drops while explaining the natural draw for them to be in the birthplace of modern alpinism. 

As the saying goes, the Norwegians might have invented skiing, but the Austrians perfected it. Perhaps things have come full circle over the last two decades?

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