Salomon TV: SHIFT

The brand tests their new binding by going on a winter camping trip with some of the hardest chargers in skiing.
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In case you haven't heard about the new binding from Salomon, this episode of Salomon TV is a perfect way to get introduced. The Salomon S/Lab SHIFT MNC binding—or the SHIFT for short—ranks high on the "hottest new gear" list for skiing this winter. To make sure they got everything right, Salomon sent Chris Rubens, Leah Evans, Josh Daiek, and Alexi Godbout deep into the mountains of interior British Columbia to push the binding to its limits. Spoiler: The binding performed flawlessly, and the skiers absolutely sent it.

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Whether or not you're interested in the SHIFT, I highly recommend watching the clip at the 3:24 mark to see Leah Evans show up all of the boys with one of the gnarliest mini-golf lines I've seen in a long time. Of course, all of the other team members go pretty big throughout, too.

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