Salomon TV: Skier vs. Drone

What happens when an Olympic bronze medalist takes on a World Champion drone flyer?
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Ten seconds into the Salomon TV episode Skier vs. Drone, it’s easy to see that drones can fly fast. But can they get down a mountain quicker than an Olympic bronze medalist racing on a dual slalom course? To find out, Salomon put the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic alpine combined bronze medalist Victor Muffat-Jeandet up against two-time Drone Racing World Champion Jordan "Jet" Temkin in a man-versus-machine gate-bashing battle at Snowbird, Utah.

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Before the race, Salomon TV picked the brains of some Snowbird locals to found out who they think will win based on their limited knowledge of both professional French ski racing and drone racing. Considering the slushy spring conditions that make for poor ski racing and the outdoor mountain environment that drone racers don’t traditionally deal with, who would you put your money on? We have our money on Muffat-Jeandet, but we’re always pretty partial to skiers.


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