Salomon TV – 'The Chairlift'

An exploration of the special feelings that chairlifts have given skiers for decades.

It’s a simple question: What’s your favorite chairlift? Chances are you probably don’t have to think too long to find an answer. And it’s the primary motive behind the latest episode of Salomon TV, “The Chairlift.” 

While there’s also a fair amount of beautiful skiing shots mixed in throughout the 16-minute long movie, Mike Douglas, Chris Ruebens, and Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson steal the show throughout the film by posing questions, telling jokes, and exploring the histories of random chairlift partners on the iconic 7th Heaven chairlift at Stevens Pass, Wash. 

In such an uncertain time for our sport, ski areas, and skiers across the world, “The Chairlift” is a wonderful and inspiring look at our favorite mode of transportation. 

Watch: ‘The Chairlift’

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