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Salomon Freeski athletes Stan Rey and Kalen Thorien ski bum across the Alps, driven entirely by social media.
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What do you get when you combine two professional athletes, a skiing road trip across the Alps, and thousands of social media followers? One heck of a trip, apparently. In the second episode of this season's Salomon TV, Canadian Stan Rey and American Kalen Thorien left it up to the followers of Salomon Freeski's Instagram account to choose where they should go on a road trip through the Alps. 

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Luckily, the Instagram followers were pretty smart, and Rey and Thorien skied powder in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. By the end of the trip, they traveled over 2,000 kilometers and even had followers pick their après and party locations. Hopefully next year they combine this with a Salomon TV Dream Trip Winner.

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Featuring Athletes: Kalen Thorien and Stan Rey

Music by Brakemaster Cylinder, Kognitif

Producing: Switchback Entertainment


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