Seeking Nirvana 2.3: "Road to Nowhere"

Exploring some of the most beautiful parts of British Columbia on a jammin' road trip.
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The practice of getting a squad together, loading up the vehicle, and driving to new destinations is a quintessential part of any young skier's degeneration into becoming a ski bum. Luckily for us, when four Canadian dudes did this in their latest Seeking Nirvana episode, they happen to be established professional athletes who are really fun to watch on camera when they ski.

Fans of Poor Boyz Productions will likely know the names of Mike Henitiuk, Joe Schuster, Matt Margetts, and Riley Leboe from the epic powder sequences in ski films like Reasons and Everyday is a Saturday. The camera technology has improved since then, but this crew's style remains just as awesome as ever. Enjoy watching the crew ski with some fantastic drone shots in the newest Seeking Nirvana episode, "Road to Nowhere."


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