#SendAndReturn - The BCA Safe Shredding Series Episode 1

Montana rippers Stu Edgerly, Ben Goertzen and Dylan Zellers head out for a day of fun in the Montana Backcountry—but not before taking a close look at snow conditions.
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Backcountry Access (BCA) is focused on increasing safety in the backcountry. To help promote safe travel in uncontrolled terrain, BCA produced #SendandReturn, a multi-part series of videos reminding skiers, snowboarders and other backcountry enthusiasts that education and decision making are just as important as the safety gear we buy. 

In episode one, BCA athletes Stu Edgerly, Ben Goertzen and Dylan Zellers begin their day with a plan, starting with checking the local avalanche forecast. Then, throughout the day, they put their snow safety skills to work, pointing out everything that goes into safe backcountry travel. These guys know that the snow doesn't care what you plans are, so they check early and often to be sure the snow layers match what they read online. Once they agree everything looks safe, its time to rip!

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From Backcountry Access: BCA's Send and Return video series is all about riding hard in the backcountry—according to the avalanche conditions. In this episode, "Wrangling Montana Cold Smoke with the Bozeman Crew," BCA athletes Ben Goertzen, Stu Edgerly, and Dylan Zellers change their plans after reading the avalanche forecast, and they head to southwest Montana's Gallatin Range to go backcountry skiing and splitboarding in superb powder conditions. 


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Is Your Slope Safe?

Fifty-four people died in avalanches in the U.S. and Canada last season. But backcountry skiing doesn’t have to be dangerous. It begins with education, decent ski skills, and humility. Beyond that, the more you go, the more you’ll learn.