Sherpas Cinema's "Imagination"

A creative, dedicated take on turning a skier's daydream into reality.

Ever look out of a wintry car window and imagine a skier glissading next to the vehicle, popping little airs off driveway obstacles along the way? Some of the staff at SKI Magazine does, and this fantasy-while-driving has led to some precarious situations on mountain passes as we nearly drifted out of our lane (note: don't daydream while driving!).

Apparently, we're in good company. Taking inspiration from the legendary JP Auclair segment in Sherpas Cinema's All.I.Can, the latest short from Sherpas Cinema and Tom Wallisch turns a child-at-heart fantasy into a real ski run down the streets of Nelson, British Columbia. You don't have to be a fan of urban skiing to enjoy this vision of what skiing can be.

Looking for more creative skiing that may or may not involve snow? You'll probably dig this summer footage from the Finns at Real Skifi.


Mike Douglas backflip fountain of youth

Salomon TV: "Fountain of Youth"

When your official pro skier nickname is "The Godfather," what do you do to stay forever young? Mike Douglas tries to find that magic elixir in Japan for the first episode of this season's Salomon TV.