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As Ted Ligety and Antti Autti carve down Snowbird in SHRED.'s new film, “Art of Arc, we are transported to a world of style and turns that only an Olympic gold medalist and snowboard legend could lay down this cleanly. Taking it back to basics, this film celebrates the beauty and simplicity of turning.

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Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ligety is known for being one of the best technical racers in the history of American skiing. With two Olympic Gold Medals and a whopping 52 World Cup Race podiums, Ligety is an expert in all things carving.

Ted Ligety and Antti Autti carving down Snowbird in the new film "Art of Arc"

Ligety and Autti featured in "Art of Arc" 

Antti Autti is a Finish snowboarding legend. After winning two X-Games medals and multiple world cup podium finishes, Autti has focused his career on filming. The many viral films and medals under Autti’s belt make him an ideal companion to Ligety, in search of the perfect turn.

Carving seamlessly from one run to the next, these two exemplify the beauty in the basics. From backcountry chutes to freshly groomed corduroy, “Art of Arc has left us yearning to clip in for some turns.

SHRED. Presents: Art of Arc

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