After a whirlwind trip through Europe, Epic Dream Job winner Jackson Lebsack flew to Japan to ski and experience all-things Japow. Along the way, he met up with's Buddy Ticket recipient and videographer Justin Graham. Together, the two collaborated on both skiing powder and getting the shot.

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Lebsack's Hakuba Documentary

Check out Lebsack's highlights from Hakuba and a shorter video. awarded several runner-up Buddy Tickets to other videographers who entered the Epic Dream Job sweepstakes. Perhaps the luckiest winner was Graham, who mentions in Buddy Episode 2 that he has spent the majority of the last decade working to ski powder and document it. 

Of the videos Graham produced, the second has the most skiing action, and there is plenty of slo-mo glam shots in the third of the boys skiing backcountry powder in Hakuba. The first, which takes place entirely in Tokyo, is worth a watch if you've ever wondered what one of the largest cities in the world is like to the lens of a westerner.

Buddy Episode 1 Japan - Tokyo

Buddy Episode 2 Japan - Hakuba

Buddy Episode 2 Japan - Hakuba Backcountry