Snow Pony

Amie Engerbretson fulfills her rodeo queen dream with help from Todd Ligare, McKenna Peterson, Lexi Dupont, and Mark Howard.

In a film narrated by her very own snow pony, professional freeskier Amie Engerbretson experiences the journey of being a novice on a snowmobile. With a goal to create something that brings humor and excitement to skiing, Engerbretson shares a story about her rodeo queen dreams while playing in the mountains. Although she never had a rodeo horse of her own, a 165 horsepower sled makes up for it when she is able to reach terrain deep in the backcountry.

Amie Engerbretson on her Snow Pony.
A girl and her snow pony. Photo Courtesy of Liam Doran

“Snow Pony” displays how Engerbretson is continuously learning and pushing herself in the mountains. “Learning a whole new skill is hard, but having fun while struggling is an easier way to deal with frustrating situations,” says Engerbretson

This film makes the possibilities seem endless with a positive attitude, badass friends, and a few snow ponies. The film features athletes Todd Ligare, McKenna Peterson, Lexi Dupont, and Mark Howard, who have collectively taught Engerbretson the ways of exploring the mountains by snowmobile. 

The Girls. Photo Courtesy of Liam Doran

As Engerbretson and many other skiers become more involved in climate advocacy, it is important to realize you don’t need to give up the things you love in order to do your part. In hopes of helping individuals be more mindful of consumption, the carbon footprint of the creation of “Snow Pony” was offset using Protect Our Winter’s Cost of Carbon Tool. Resources such as this are small yet important steps towards a larger goal. 

“It’s not a perfect answer, but it’s what we have right now”, says Engerbretson. 

Engerbretson emphasizes that skiing is about having fun with the people you are with, not always the biggest and gnarliest lines. With a mission to share a humorous, lighthearted, and inspiring story, this film does not lack deep powder shots or thrilling lines.

Amie Engerbretson exploring where her snow pony takes her. Photo Courtesy of Liam Doran

Although Engerbretson’s snowmobile is a tool to get further into the mountains to do what she does best, the film highlights the connection between a girl and her snow pony. 

Only one question remains: Where will this mountain rodeo queen take her snow pony next? 

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