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A San Juan Story

The season when learning to ski becomes living to ski.
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It's a classic tale: Man falls in love. Man makes silly decisions due to newfound love. Man proceeds to devote his entire life to this love. Man reflects; decides it's silly, but that there's no other better way, and continues to devote his life to this oddly funny obsession.

Forget rom-coms, we're talking about skiing. There are only a few places in the lower 48 of the continental USA that can invoke such a life path, and the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado is one of them.

Presented by Stio, A San Juan Story is a three-part series capturing a ski season in the mountains near Telluride. Viewers beware: You might fall in love with the San Juan Mountains after watching these videos. We'll updated this page with each new episode, so be sure to check back regularly.

Part One: The People

Part Two: The Place

Part Three: The Journey


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