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Summer is for Skiing Sand Dunes

12-year-old ripper Kai Jones shreds no matter the season, no matter the surface.

If you haven’t yet heard of Kai Jones, don’t worry. You’ll be hearing about him plenty in the years to come. The 12-year-old Wyoming native is making big waves on the North American IFSA Junior Freeride scene, having won the U12 category this past season. As the son of Teton Gravity Research co-founder Todd Jones, one could argue Kai is simply fulfilling his destiny. But if you watch any of Kai’s season edits, you’ll soon understand that this kid’s serious skill and steez isn’t just the result of nurture—it must be in his nature. Beyond skill, the thing that makes Kai so special is his ridiculous determination to get out on his sticks anywhere, anytime. Case in point: Kai recently made a quick pitstop on a road trip with his family to make some turns on the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho

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