Full Film: "Dollar Short"

Athletes Jake Hopfinger and Parkin Costain experience the thrilling lives of bank robbers and big mountain skiers with a little extra money in their pockets.

The phrase “break a leg” may not be the best expression to wish skiers good luck as they incorporate theater into their latest ski edits, but the crew behind a new film pulled it off, and without any broken bones. Directed by Caleb Chicoine and Alex D’Agostino, “Dollar Short” stars Sweet Protection athletes Jake Hopfinger and Parkin Costain spending a winter experiencing the thrilling lives of being bank robbers and backcountry skiers, dropping cliffs and ripping lines through untouched powder. 

The 12-minute movie is narrated by a Radio DJ and accomplishes a distinct theme showcased both on and off the snow. “Dollar Short” has been nominated for an iF3 award under the Best Short Film category.

The stars of Dollar Short play pool
The stars of “Dollar Short” play some pool.Photo credit: Jonathan Finch

Throughout the film, the two athletes experience the luxuries of skiing with a little extra money in their pockets. These amenities are surely entertaining and enjoyable, but, as they realized in the end, winter is about the memories and relationships that are built in the mountains, regardless of how you get there.

WATCH: Jake Hopfinger and Parkin Costain in “Dollar Short”

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