Perfect GS Turns with Ted Ligety

Follow Ted Ligety through a racecourse in Deer Valley.

Ted Ligety is one of the fastest men on skis. Hailing from Park City, Utah, the world was shocked when Ligety became the youngest American male to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the Alpine Combined during the 2006 Games in Italy. From there, Ligety went on to win five world championships and another Olympic Gold in Sochi, Russia, solidifying his legacy in the sport of ski racing.

The co-founder of SHRED. recently took to the slopes to test new products and technology. Lucky for us, he decided to take everyone along for the ride. Follow behind Ligety in the latest video from SHRED. as he charges through a Giant Slalom course in Deer Valley, laying down perfect turns and effortless style with a fresh perspective.

WATCH: Perfect GS Turns with Ted Ligety