The FIFTY Episode 10: Spearhead Traverse

Cody Townsend sends it SkiMo style.
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Cody Townsend, The Fifty Episode 10 Spearhead Traverse

Cody Townsend finding his stride on the Spearhead Traverse in B.C. 

After a few intense episodes, the Fifty Project provides a little comedic relief in Episode 10 as Cody Townsend sets out to post the fastest known time (FKT) on the famed Spearhead Traverse, a roughly 20-mile, high alpine traverse that connects Whistler and Blackcomb ski areas in B.C. via the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons Ranges.

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Though Townsend is ultra-enthusiastic about the mission, he’s not exactly an experienced SkiMo racer, and he knows that extraordinarily fast transitions and ski mountaineering techniques will be required to beat the current fastest known time—a mere 3 hours, 10 minutes to complete the 20-mile horseshoe loop with 5,033 feet of elevation gain.

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But the professional big mountain skier is not deterred, even after consulting with professional ski mountaineer Greg Hill and watching clips of superhuman SkiMo racer and ultrarunner Kilian Jornet, and realizing that setting the FKT would be no small feat. Instead, Townsend busts out the spandex and skinny skis, foregoes the extra hydration and nutrition in favor of Jornet’s method of traveling light, and sends the Spearhead Traverse in full-SkiMo style.

Odds are Townsend figures it out and posts the Spearhead Traverse FKT? 

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