The FIFTY Episode 5: Mt. Currie

What goes down must first go up—way up.

Pro skier Cody Townsend must enjoy suffering. There’s no other explanation for what he puts himself through to bag his fifth line along the way to completing his new pet project: climbing and skiing the 50 most iconic lines in North America.

The Fifty: Episode 5-Mt. Currie; Cody Townsend
After nine hours of hiking up, the journey is only half over. Photo credit: Cody Townsend

After most recently skiing the Hypodermic Needle in Utah, Townsend pegged the north face of Mt. Currie in Pemberton, B.C. as the next ski line to tick of his list. Though Townsend has had many ski adventures in and around Pemberton over the years, he had yet to tackle Mt. Currie, which rises straight up from the valley floor to a towering 8,501 feet.

Mt. Currie has been skied many times before, but it’s usually skied by people who get a heli-assist to the peak. Normal people don’t usually undertake the huge task of climbing 7,000 feet from town to summit, only to then pick their way down the steep, exposed, avy-prone north face on skis.

Towsend, who seemingly enjoys suffering, isn’t normal. He decides to power himself to the top, with only his two feet and two buddies, Chris Rubens and Pemberton-local Jon Johnston, who volunteer for what turns into a grueling 14-hour expedition.

Worth it? Ask Townsend in a week or two when he’s recovered. 

Watch: “The Fifty”, Episode 5

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