The Kook

A film about the world's first urban skier.

“Those posers up at Squaw say they’re extreme but dryland skiing is extreme, this is extreme,” says Bucky Hart, while carving a stick into a spear deep in the California wilderness.

A kook is defined as: “One whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic or insane: screwball.” The overall-clad former pro skier embodies all of that and more in the mockumentary, “The Kook.”

Michael Hibbs, shredding the dirt.
Overall, Hart’s transition from snow to grass hasn’t dampened his style.Photo Credit: Jay Blakesberg

Hart, played by former pro skier Michael Hibbs, decided that if he couldn’t be the best skier on snow, he would find another way. While most skiers are on the constant hunt for powder, Hart has spent the better part of the last five years off the snow, chasing concrete and inventing the new sport of urban skiing.

With sparks flying from his skis and wind through his hair, the eccentric film follows him through the streets, sand, and the lush green hills of San Francisco on his quest to popularize the new sport and himself in the process. While it’s based in satire, the film is a look into what the future of skiing may be with climate change.

Michael Hibbs skis behind a trolley in San Francisco.
Hibbs follows a streetcar down the streets of San Francisco. Photo Credit: Jay Blakesberg

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