The Making Of "Face of Winter" | Iceland

Jonny Moseley, Amie Engerbretsen, and Anna Segal discover the beauty and corn snow of Iceland.
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Iceland in the springtime delivers creamy ski-to-sea runs, a virtually never-ending golden hour, and puffins everywhere. Warren Miller Entertainment sent an intrepid squad of skiers to experience this magical place for their 69th film, Face of Winter, and Iceland delivered big time.

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Pro skiers Amie Engerbretsen, Anna Segal, and Jonny Moseley spent a few weeks on the island, skiing corn snow and exploring the black sand beaches. This segment is sure to feature stunning scenery and awesome skiing, and we can't wait to watch it on the big screen. Check out the tour schedule for Face of Winter here.

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Anna Segal for Face of Winter

The Show Must Go On: Anna Segal

When the Aussie native and former slopestyle Olympian was invited to join the WME crew in Iceland to shoot for this year’s film, she ditched her day job and hopped on a plane.