The Shadow Campaign Season V: The Photographer

DPS Cinematic takes a focused look at the mental workings of Oskar Enander, one of the best photographers in all of skiing.

Here at SKI Magazine, we’re pretty big fans of professional photographer Oskar Enander. His photography graces our pages and Instagram account as much as we can afford, and we’re always hungry for more. That’s why we appreciate the latest episode of DPS Cinematic’s The Shadow Campaign Season V. The episode, entitled The Photographer, focuses on what makes Enander tick, and why he has spent nearly two decades based out of Engelberg, Switzerland.

According to a press release from DPS, they claim that Enander “had no intention of ever becoming a photographer. Today, Oskar’s iconic and unique perspective is highly sought after in the ski world. And yet, he shoots very little outside of winter. This film goes behind the lens in Oskar’s hometown of Engelberg, Switzerland to explore a life in the mountains and the influences that shape a ski photographer.” Also, according to the same press release, this film was named an Official Selection by the Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Kendal Mountain Festival.