The Shadow Campaign Season V: Wallmapu

DPS Cinematic presents the origins of Chile’s beautiful landscape.
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Chile has become many skiers’ Southern Hemisphere haven, with the rugged and imposing peaks of the Andes providing endless vertical and breathtaking views. It is said that this awe-inspiring land—or “Wallmapu” as the Pehuenche people of present-day Chile call it in their native language—was created by a star that fell from the sky.

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The latest episode of DPS Cinematic's The Shadow Campaign unveils this Pehuenche creationist story, told by Pehuenche Elder Segundo Curical Curical, as DPS athletes Piers Solomon and Rodrigo Guzman explore for themselves the raw beauty of this land that was a gift from the heavens. 

Legend told by Segundo Curical Curical
Featuring: Piers Solomon and Rodrigo Guzman
Directed and Edited by Ben Sturgulewski //
Music and Sound Design by Joaquin Gomez //
Shot by Ben Sturgulewski and Danny Rodriguez
Produced by Tomas Gomez and Joaquin Gomez
Script by Eunate Saiz
Executive Producer: Dan Benshoff