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Trace Cooke: "Kootenay Kid" and "In Recovery"

Follow former FWT athlete Trace Cooke during a powder day at his home mountain.

Trace Cooke first hit the slopes of Whitewater Ski Resort at the age of two. He started competing on the Freeride World Tour circuit in 2009 and at 25, with one gold and one bronze Freeride World Tour Qualifier finish under his belt he’s returning to his roots nestled in the mountains of British Columbia.

Trace Cooke
Cooke sending it deep.Photo credit: Ryan Flett

In “Kootenay Kid”, Cooke takes us on a powder day through Whitewater. He returned just in time for record snowfall, accumulating 300cm in January alone. While friends on a powder day can be a taboo subject among skiers, Cooke is joined by fellow FWT athletes and Whitewater locals, Sam Kuch and Chandrima Lavoie. The constant snow and cold temperatures produce champaign pow that the crew shreds throughout the edit. The joy is contagious as Cooke captures a true depiction of what powder days are all about.

Trace Cooke
All smiles after a day in the powPhoto credit: Ryan Flett

“Everyone’s smiling, laughing, stoked, high-fiving calling each other out and you can hear it in the lift line,” says Cooke. “People are like how is it out there, and you don’t know what to say. You start laughing and smiling and they look at you and they’re like it’s gonna be good.”

Watch: Trace Cooke – Kootenay Kid

After Kootenay Kid, Cooke released “In Recovery,” a short film about taking steps after knee surgery at the beginning of the season, as well as his future ambitions in the world of skiing.

Watch: Trace Cooke – In Recovery