At first glance, you see a skier enjoying a sweet day skiing in Verbier completely alone. No crowds, no lift attendants, and some shots are even missing the skier. While it might be easy to think professional skier Yann Rausis and filmmaker Guido Perrini snuck on the lifts after the ski area closed early in March, the idea for the film began long before the reality of self-quarantine set in. 

The editing of the final product, "A Quiet Day Out," was done so skillfully the manager of the lifts at Verbier gave Rausis a call questioning him on how the hell he got up on the mountain during the Swiss lockdown. Most of the film was shot two years ago and the two men sat on the footage forgetting they had shot it. 

Rausis shredding at Verbier

Rausis shredding at Verbier 

Yann, a skier on the Freeride World Tour, said that the inspiration returned as the coronavirus hit and he had “more time inside, more time to think and more time to create.” With the ski season cut short and the Verbier FWT event canceled, Perrini and Rausis set out to release content that would acknowledge the isolation, everyone has been experiencing while highlighting the beauty of it instead of calling attention to the negative.

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Rausis is a life-long competitor. From skiing to mountain biking, he uses competition to push himself to the limit. His career as a competitive skier began in 2013 in the Freeride World Qualifiers after ending his time in mountain biking competitions. The transition from biking to skiing competitively was due to the overlapping season; he could only choose one. Rausis had no specific goals as a young skier. “My only goal was to just push myself and see how far I could go, but never did I think about going to the Freeride World Tour,” he says. When he qualified for the FWT in 2017, he earned the Rookie of the Year Title.

This summer Rausis formed a mountain bike tour company with his friend, touring folks around Verbier and Valaise while staying busy cross-training for the upcoming season.

“[Mountain biking] is a great way to replace skiing because, when you don’t have skiing and you don’t get the adrenaline from skiing and you don’t get the social interaction from skiing, you definitely need something else to replace it,” says Rausis.

Looking ahead Rausis will take part in the Freeride World Tour for 2021. Rausis plans to “go more on the creative side of skiing” and use the tour as a way to travel to amazing ski destinations and film there. He’s looking to create a film of the upcoming season featuring other athletes on the FWT to explore a different side of skiing and a different look at the Freeride World Tour. 

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