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In their self-produced short film, “Visions,” Black Crows Skis athletes Nikolai Schirmer and Flo Bastien are joined by Julien Lange and Anttu Oikonen. Schirmer and Bastien have previously teamed up with Black Crows Skis to create the short films “Perks” and “Shapes.”

Skiers gathering the skis in "Visions" short film

The pros gathering their gear to take on the slopes in "Visions"

The short film is narrated by Michael Bird Shaffer and features no dialogue from the skiers. “Visions” is beautifully shot and directed by Joonas Mattila, a Finnish cinematographer, who manages to capture the beauty of the mountains while still highlighting the amazing skiing taking place in the film. In “Visions,” the four skiers tackle steep lines in the Alps, Chamonix, Arlberg and Val d’Isère.

The film features the athletes as they hike up steep mountains to ski down intimidating lines, through thick powder and through dense trees. There is no shortage of tricks in this video as the athletes each show off their technical skills.

Nikolai Schirmer’s and Flo Bastien’s ‘Visions’

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