Alpine Stroll 2

A professional drone pilot explores Colorado and Utah with the Dynastar Factory Team.

With almost 14,000 YouTube Followers and 33,500 Instagram followers, it’s safe to say that French cameraman Nicolas Gaillard is establishing himself as one of the best drone pilots in the world. So when he was invited on a trip to North America by fellow Frenchman and professional skier Richard Permin, “it was a dream opportunity,” he writes.

The video includes footage of Permin as well as fellow Dynastar team athletes Conor Pelton, Sander Hadley, and Megan Dingman taking on the terrain of Snowbird, Utah, and the backcountry around Telluride, Colo. It also showcases stunning footage of the Utah desert near Moab, the Great Salt Lake, and shots from Switzerland. 

In short, the cinematography is dream-like and beautiful. But don’t take our word for it, watch it now.

WATCH: Alpine Stroll 2 – FPV Ski Trip