Welcome to Lyngen

Watch Norrøna's team of athletes explore Norway's most iconic peaks.
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The Lyngen Alps on the northern Norwegian coast are a skier's paradise, and have been for a long time. The Norwegian brand Norrøna knows this, and even named their ski touring apparel line after this mountain range.

Last winter, Norrøna sent their ambassadors Nikolai Schirmer, Merrick Mordal and Asbjørn Eggebø out to shoot the brand’s new ski touring collection in its namesake landscape. The team found a little bit of everything while exploring the mountains that overlook the arctic sea, including at least one first descent and one nerve-racking close call. 

Filmed by Bård Basberg, Joonas Mattila, and Morgan Salén, Norrøna's Welcome to Lyngen will make you want to visit Norway's famed Lyngen Alps soon, but likely with a guide.


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