Westward: "The Photographer"

A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be SKI Magazine's Director of Photography.
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For the past ten years, SKI Magazine's Director of Photography Keri Bascetta has worked hard in the studio and on mountainsides all over the world to capture many of the stunning photos you see in our magazine and on our website. Keri is normally pretty quiet, but she stepped into the limelight for this short film from KGB Productions that provides a look at what it takes to have this title. We're super thankful to have her working hard around the office and in the field everyday, and this short video is a great testament to the incredible amount of work she puts in to get each amazing shot.

Presented by Flylow, the Westward Series looks into the lives of influencers in the ski industry that work too hard to garner much attention. Now it it's third season, you can find out more about the series and see more episodes on the Westward landing page.


McConkey...Shane McConkey

Skiing Will Never Be The Same: The Life and Death of Shane McConkey

On the surface, there was the nose picking on camera, the scatological humor, the pranks, and the endless self-mockery. But Shane McConkey was no lightweight. He revolutionized skiing three times—challenging what we ski, how we ski, and even how we think about skiing. So when cinematographers, ski manufacturers, and skiers wanted to predict the future, they looked to him. After a tragic accident this past spring, skiers came to one conclusion: Skiing Will Never Be The Same.