Working For The Weekend: Trailer - Meathead Films

Working For The Weekend: Trailer - Meathead Films

Longtime Meathead Films veteran, Ben Leoni, is now living in Portland, Maine, holding down a career and the daily office grind. In between piles of paperwork, he dreams of his weekends skiing in the mountains. Last season he made those dreams a reality. Ben spent the winter of 2013 skiing the Northeast without the aid of chairlifts. Showcasing legendary backcountry zones as well as hidden gems around New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, "Working For The Weekend" is a groundbreaking new web series and the first of its kind in the region. From deep powder to treacherous ice, Ben and his crew of friends embody the "earn your turns" mantra for the East Coast. Watch for five webisodes on
Flylow Presents: Working for the Weekend
A Meathead Films Production
Featuring Ben Leoni
Additonal Shredding By: Louise Lintilhac, Stacey Rachdorf, Brooks Motley, Paige Fitzgerald, Ashely Maxfield, Noah Ranallo, Dominic Castine, Carter Snow, Dylan Dipentima, Carla von Trapp Hunter and more
Filmed On Location: New Hampshire // Vermont // Maine
Principle Cinematography: Jim Surette
Additional Cinematography: Lincoln Benedict, Lucas Van Oss, Brian Post, Christopher James, Will Hallett, George Watts


Working For The Weekend 2: Maine Backcountry

Working For The Weekend 2: Maine Backcountry

On the way to Mt. Washington, Ben decides to take a go at backcountry location in Maine that he's been scoping from the road. Most Maine woods are an impenetrable thicket, but Ben found a zone with wide-open glades. He just had to wait for the right