The No. 1 Women’s All-Mountain Ski of 2022: Fischer Ranger 94 FR

And the new Queen of the Mountain is...a unisex ski. But an extremely forgiving and playful one at that.

Brand: Fischer

Model: Ranger 94 FR

Overall Ranking: #1

Overall Score: 4.17 / 5


Tip / Waist / Tail (mm)


Lengths (cm)

153, 161, 169, 177

Radius (m)


Waist Width (mm)





Intermediate to Expert

Rocker Technology


Core Material

Wood, Titanal Mount Plate

Stability at Speed

4.21 / 5

Quickness / Maneuverability

4.29 / 5


4.36 / 5


4.29 / 5

Hard Snow Performance

4.14 / 5

Crud Performance

4.07 / 5


3.64 / 5


Now for a plot twist: The ski that topped the women’s all-mountain category is actually a unisex ski, suggesting that Fischer might be on to something with the idea that women don’t care about womens-specific construction—they just want a great ski.

And that’s exactly what the Ranger 94 FR is. It features the same bomber construction as the wider Ranger 102 FR, but it’s significantly quicker and more playful thanks to its narrower waist. Testers loved its energy on the groomers and everywhere else, and appreciated how solid it felt underfoot despite its poppy rebound.

“I felt like the energizer bunny hopping through the forest on these skis,” comments tester Tracy Gibbons. “Super energetic and balanced. If you like to make lots of turns and like a light-feeling ski, these are very fun.”

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Almost all testers felt the same way, and awarded the Ranger 94 FR the highest category scores in Quickness and Playfulness. The ski’s lowest score is in the Flotation department, but it’s worth pointing out that the Ranger 94 FR still ranks second in that skill, which just goes to show how supremely balanced this all-mountain ski is.

What’s so surprising about the Ranger 94 FR is that despite being a unisex ski with a heavier Titanal construction, it’s pretty forgiving. We can thank Fischer’s Twintip profile in the FR line for that, which reduces the amount of effective edge for easier turn initiation and release. The best part is that the ski’s amenable nature doesn’t come at the cost of stability. In fact, where the Ranger 94 FR shines is on crusty or chalky steeps.

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“It’s quite aggressive,” says tester and former U.S. Ski Teamer Forreste Peterson. “It can power through anything and is great for carving, too.”

It should be noted that most of the ladies in our test crew are very strong and skilled skiers. They were able to tap into the Ranger 94 FR’s playful and forgiving side because they know how to bend a stiffer ski. Intermediates may have to work a little harder to get the same response, but these skis have the power to help determined intermediates break through to the next level.

“Intermediates will grow confidence in leaps and bounds, and experts will relish in honing their skills,” sums up tester Erika Northrop.

  • Strengths: Playfulness (1st in category), Forgiveness (1st)
  • Weaknesses: Flotation (2nd), Crud Performance (4th)

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