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Back Talk – March/April 2001

First Tracks

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I really enjoyed seeing Magic Mountain, Vermont, mentioned in your “10 Great Unknowns” November 2000. But I would like to make one correction. We now have a bar in the lodge.

John Kapitan
via the Internet

A bar, you say? Magic won’t remain unknown for much longer. — Ed.

A hot toddy, my kingdom for a real toddy! You guys Back Talk, January 2001 left out the prime ingredient for the perfect toddy: a pat of butter. But to show you what a nice guy I can be, I’m gonna share two of my favorite cold-weather drinks.

Hot Rum Toddy
3/4 mug spring water
1 clove
1 cinnamon stick
1 twist of lime
1 pat of butter
2 jiggers of your favorite rum

Hot Apple Jack
3/4 mug of apple cider
1 cinnamon stick
1 dash of nutmeg
1 jigger of apple jack
1 jigger of bourbon
1 pat of butter

Well there you go. I know, I know — what’s a jigger?
Yuba City, California

I loved the “Blowing Smoke” article December 2000. Jon Lawrence and Biff America have a great way of being insightful and very funny at the same time. Please keep them writing.
via the Internet

If you’re within the reach of KOA 850 AM radio in Denver, you can catch Jon and Biff (talking, not writing) every Sunday from 8 to 11 a.m. — Ed.

I would love to read what Skogen Sprang “Born Again Skier,” Skiing Scene, January 2001 skis on. I’m into freeriding and often look closely at the pictures of the pros trying to figure out what they’re skiing on to help me make decisions about my next skis.
Daniel Crane
via the Internet

Skogen skis on his signature-model Line skis. — Ed.

Here I am, living on Nantucket island, hoping I can get a few days on snow this winter. What encouragement do I get from your mag? None. Just Dave Richards flipping me the bird as he rips up some Utah powder on the January 2001 contents page. Thanks a lot.
Larry Arnold
via the Internet

My, what sharp eyes you have. That’s not actually his middle finger, but at first glance it does seem as though Dave is trying to tell us something. — Ed.

Is there any possible way I can get in contact with the “Single/28 years old/skis 45 days a year/subscriber” you feature on page 155 of your 2001 Gear Guide? Wow. Just an e-mail address would be fine.
Michael Peterson
via the Internet

Umm, no. — Ed.

In “Roll With It” November 2000, the information on K2’s Shaw Ski & Snowboard Bag read: “The Shaw’s three zippered compartments carry the longest of skis….” Based on that info, I bought the bag. But when I packed it for a trip to Colorado, I found that the two side compartments only fit 187-cm skis. K2 informed me that even though the bag information stated that the dimensions were 210 cm, it only accommodates skis up to 187 cm. I wanted you to have this information in case other folks had a similar experience.
Rolando DeCarden
via the Internet

Thanks, and sorry about the misleading info. — Ed.

Although your story about Banff “Northern Explosion,” January 2001 did justice to the area, it failed to tell readers about Ski Banff/ Lake Louise, a bureau promoting all three areas (800-661-1431, The majority of destination skiers purchase the bureau’s tri-area lift ticket, which includes Friday night skiing at nearby Norquay and shuttle transportation to all three areas.
Andre Fabbri
Banff, Alberta

I am writing to ask if you would be willing to sponsor me for an upcoming ski trip that I would like to take part in. If you are interested, please contact me via e-mail and I can send you details of the trip. The full cost will be $495, but any amount will be greatly appreciated.
James Mallion
via the Internet

We get so many of these requests that we limit this sort of thing to writers and photographers. — Ed.

Write us at [email protected] or Back Talk, SKIING, 929 Pearl Street, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80302 Letters to the editor should include the writer’s full name and hometown. Letters are subject to editing for style and length.