Beer for Skiers: Narragansett Lager

The East Coast has some good stuff brewing, and this ski-themed can hits the spot when après calls for something crushable.

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New England can be a great place to be a skier. The mountains are well sized for adventure at all levels, the weather can change from heartbreak to joy in minutes, and, perhaps most importantly, the beer is really, really good. This latter point is critical because, whether you’re drowning in rain in December or celebrating a powder day in February (or vice versa), skiers there can always find and drink good beer.

And while there are plenty of fancy options like Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine, sometimes it’s nice to have a crisp, clean, easy-drinking lager. And that’s exactly what Narragansett makes.

Brewed in Rhode Island but found all over the Northeast, ‘Gansett Lager is kind of what every skier wishes PBR could be. It’s made locally relative to where it’s distributed, so it always tastes fresh. It has a 130-year long history, giving it appeal to multiple generations—not unlike the ski areas of Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York. And, since it’s pretty light and only 5 percent ABV, it’s easier to drink than those unfiltered IPAs (and, pro tip, those fancy Vermont beers still taste amazing after a few ‘Gansetts).

Watching the new ski film “Made Back East,” I couldn’t help but notice that, as the crew was planning a big day to take on the Angel Slides in the Adirondacks, they weren’t drinking any of the great beers brewed nearby, or even Lawson’s Finest Liquids (and they had skied Mad River Glen earlier that day). Instead, they were drinking Narragansett Lagers. And this is in a movie celebrating all good things made back East. Talk about a massive stamp of approval from a group of great skiers. Jump about seven minutes in to see what they’re drinking.

Watch: ‘Made Back East’

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(Note: This isn’t the first time this beer has appeared in a good movie. You might see a familiar can crushed by Captain Quint in a little film called “Jaws.”)

In honor of winter, the brewery’s 130th anniversary on December 29, and National Lager Day on December 10, Narragansett released some limited edition Lager Ski Cans. Cute can aside, the beer inside is still as crisp and as fresh as ever before, and still an ideal après option for every ski day in New England.

Narragansett Lager Information

Narragansett Lager ski Can
A ‘Gansett on your neighbor’s step.Photo courtesy of Narragansett

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